Stained glass flowers blanket

I came across some beautiful kitchen tiles and was fascinated on how the beautifully shaped tiles fit together. After several rounds of trial and error I got the shape right. I chose vivid colors and black to get the look of stained glass - a perfect way to use all left over yarn in your stash! I used alternating rows of orange and fuchsia pieces to bring out the unique shape.

I'm a beginner myself so I tried to crate a simple, very detailed pattern. It's more like a cartoon, so check the pictures if the text is not clear enough. I've joined the pieced with scs. It helps a lot if you first join the pieces from the triangular flaps to form rows and then join the rows with stitch markers from all the corners. The design is so colourful and full of shapes I did just a round of scs around the finished blanket instead of a more complicated border.
You can find the link to the pattern HERE.

I could not have written this pattern without the help from my experienced testing team Susku Öysti, Marja-Riitta Kopra and Suvi Seppänen. The English translation was proof read and revised by Mervi Järvensivu and Nihay Laham Karam. Thank you for your invaluable help!

This is my first pattern so please leave a comment if you have any problems, questions or comments!

Please share pictures of your work with #crochet_stained_glass_flower #arctic_crochet


  1. My sweetness! I just happened upon your pattern and must say it is the most wondrous granny square I have seen! Magnificently mixed colors so that a magical effect of stain glass is achieved. This is a masterpiece. I would charge for it if I were you :)

  2. I have been crocheting for years and have never done anything like this. Good job.

  3. This pattern is unlike any granny square I have seen. Gorgeous. Thank you so much!

  4. I'm having so much fun making this. Thank you for the lovely pattern!

  5. Hi,

    This is gorgeous and I plan to start on it as soon as I purchase the wool. I have a few questions.

    What was the finished size of your Afghan?
    What size hook did you use?
    Could you possibly post a purchasing guide of how many skeins to purchase of each colour? I am happy to pay for a shopping list. I see the number of colors in the pattern that you used, but I have no sense at all of how many skeins to purchase of each colour.

    Thanks very much. I can’t wait to start this project!


  6. I have just finished my squares and am busy blocking them. I used 5 colour combinations with 4 shades in each colour. It already looks stunning! Will put my photograph on when it is done. This kneeblanket it for my friend and will be perfect t9 brighten up the dreary cold winter months lying ahead for us soon. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern! I really enjoyed doing it during lockdown and I can't wait for my friend's face when she sees it!

  7. Thank you so much for posting your gorgeous pattern. The colours are glorious and I love the unusual shape of the "squares", they create a most unusual and lovely edging to you superb blanket. Now I need to buy some more
    Thanks again.


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